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How to print the subtasks belonging to specific tasks in Laravel Blade

This is really difficult for me to wrap my head around, so please excuse me if I don't give a good enough explanation of the situation.

I have a table "tasks", and the only column that I'm really using for this problem is

| tasks_id |

I created another table "subtasks", and it has these relevant columns:

| subtasks_id | subtasks_title | subtasks_tasks_id |

For each row in the table "tasks", there are
rows of subtasks with a different
but the same

I print the
by passing them to an array in my HomeController and looping through the array in the blade template. For every TASK, how would I also loop every SUBTASK, which has the same
and the tasks'

Is there a way to use the
clause in the blade template? I'm quite new to Laravel, also I didn't know how to word this into a google search so please do forgive my ignorance. Thank you in advanced.

P.S. I will keep on trying to solve this unless someone gives me an answer beforehand, if I do solve it I will post my answer, if not, please don't hesitate trying to help me :P, thank you again.

Answer Source

So I figured out what I had to do...

Using a multidimensional array, I can set the key to array $subtasks the | tasks_id | of any existing subtasks, then the value of each will be a corresponding array where the subtasks_tasks_id is the same as the key of the value. I then loop through each subtask by doing something like $subtask[$tasks_id][$i] where I create two outer loops (one is already created, so it shouldn't be too difficult). And now I know what to do, next step is the how, or really the actual coding, okay, that is all..

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