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cakephp how to send data from controller to view with json

Hi I'm trying to make an API to send data encapsulating with json.

as cakephp manual said, I added extensions in routes.php


and I've made an index function in controller.

public function index(){
$item = $this->Items->find('all');
$this->set(['items' => $items, '_serialize' => ['items']]);

here are the problem.

what should i do after this to make api encapsulating with json??

Please help.

thank you


According to Cake 2.x Book (

You have to add this to your routes.php file:


Then, in your items controller, add the RequestHandler to your components array:

public $components = array('RequestHandler');

Then, in your items controller, add your methods, in your example:

public function index() {
    $recipes = $this->Items->find('all');
        'items' => $items,
        '_serialize' => array('items')

Note: according to model names convention you should call $this->Item instead of $this->Items unless you previously defined the model name as "Item" (singular) in your item model file.

Finally, the API is done, you can access to yourprojecturl/items.json and see the json result.