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Git Pull: Change Authentication

Hey all, this is quick one, since I'm quite new to git. I have a repo setup on a server (A) where access is via ssh rsa keys. I have a few users there including myself. Now I do

git clone
on my local machine and get a local copy, make changes, and
push origin master
, everything works fine.

The problem I'm experiencing is that our testing server (server B) already has everything setup and what I'd like to do is pull my latest changes to that server. The testing server has also got several users, as well as
as the owner of the whole directory (running Apache).

When logging in via SSH using my name, I cannot
git pull
, says .git is locked, so I do
sudo git pull
which asks me the password for a different user (user1). I do not know that password and I'd like to remove that user completely, but before I do, I have to switch the git repo on the testing server to pull changes using MY authentication (kovshenin) and not user1's.

What's the correct way to do that? I wouldn't like to remove everything and start from a fresh clone, since it has some local changes.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Answer Source

After three hours of searching and playing I have found the answer myself. The authentication details are stored in the .git/config file under the url setting in the [remote "origin"] section. Thanks.

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