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Android Studio Can't Create new Android Project

I'm using the most recent Android Studio and today my Mac crashed. After rebooting, I opened Android Studio and now all of my projects are erroring out with the Android URI not being found. They won't build, won't make, nothing. If I create a new Project, Android project is not one of my options, just all the rest of the options.
Is there anything I can do besides remove and reinstall?

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I recommend you to Reset your Android Studio instead of fresh installation(At least give a try).

I only know how to do this on Windows (it should be similar on any OS, you will just need to find the correct location yourself ).

On Windows:

Go to your User Profile Folder - on Windows 7/8 this would be:

 [SYSDRIVE]:\Users\[your username] (ex. C:\Users\pyus13)

Inside this there will be a folder named .AndroidStudioPreview (It can be hidden so please check ).

Delete this folder (Better to take a backup before deletion).

This will reset your AS to defaults.

Now Start your Android Studio you will see the start dialog with settings.

Do the following to set your Android sdk path :

 Go into Configure → Project Defaults → Project Structure → Project

Add new SDK and referencing to the SDK Folder that you have and then click apply and ok.

Try to open any of your earlier project or create new one and check. try syncing with Gradle after opening project.