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Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket - Can't push - Error 401 Unauthorized

I have a problem with Bitbucket and EGit. I created a new repository on BitBucket and also a new project in Eclipse. When I try to push a commit, I get the following error message:

Can't connect to any repository:
( 401 Unauthorized)

I also tried
but I got the same error. After creating the commit, I pushed by using the command line with
git push
and it worked without a problem. After that I tried pushing with Eclipse and EGit but I got the same error again. I checked my account name and password multiple times.

Do I need to configure EGit in some way to make it possible to push from Eclipse to BitBucket? A month ago I always pushed to a repository on a different host from Eclipse with EGit without a problem.

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It depends on your version of Eclipse and Egit.
With the very latest Neon, there is a thread reporting the same issue, and a ticket opened: bug 501000.

There is a fix in progress: Change 82187: "EGit Authenticator prevents login dialog".
It is already merged into master (also on the GitHub mirror:commit 39b391c and commit 10c65c7.
Change 82539 also just got merged 3 days ago.

So Marketplace Client Project project repository 1.5.2 should include the fix.
Actually, it is called 1.5.1a, but you can use as an url.

If you are using Eclipse Neon you may also install EPP Marketplace Client from the Neon repository. Click Help > Install New Software, type "neon", select the Neon repository URL, select Collaboration > Eclipse EPP Marketplace Client and click Install.

There is also a fix in progress for EGit itself: change 82295.

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