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Phalcon on PHP7?

Is PhalconPHP 2.0.10 extension supports PHP 7?

I'm planning to start learning Phalcon and I want to run it in PHP 7. I can't find an article or a blog that says Phalcon can run on PHP 7.

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The upcoming version Phalcon 2.1 (as of writing is RC1) will have beta PHP7 compatibility

Phalcon 2.1.x has beta PHP7 support, we expect to fix any blocking bug in the next two weeks before the final release. You can try Phalcon running on PHP7 by compiling from the 2.1.x branch using Zephir:

git clone http://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon
cd cphalcon
git checkout 2.1.x
zephir build --backend=ZendEngine3

Reference: https://blog.phalconphp.com/


Due to the many changes in Phalcon 2.1, this version won't be backwards compatible with older versions. Therefor the Phalcon development team decided to skip version 2.1 and continue on 3.0.

And of course Phalcon 3.0 is now PHP7 compatible.

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