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Calling functions in a DLL loaded by another process

I have a DLL that I inject into another process but I want to be able to call the exports on that DLL from my application. I've read elsewhere that you have to the SendMessage API but I have no idea what to do. Is there any example code on how this is done?

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You can't directly call functions in another process, in general. There are, however, some workarounds you can use.

First, if you know the address of the export (which isn't the case a lot of the time), and the function you call uses the __stdcall calling convention, takes a pointer-sized integer as an argument, and returns a DWORD, you can use CreateRemoteThread to execute it in a thread in the remote process. This is often used to run LoadLibrary to inject a DLL into a target process, since LoadLibrary is loaded in the same address on all processes on a given computer.

Otherwise, the DLL you inject will need to do some sort of RPC with the process that called it. For example, you could have your injected DLL spawn a thread in its DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH handler, which in turn connects to a named pipe, or connects over COM or something to the master process.

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