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extend non ES6 object

Working to understand the new ES6 syntax. If I have a class like the Outlayer library that is not written in ES6 but want to extend it with an ES6 class how would that look? The key extension point is _getItemLayoutPosition

I tried something like this.

export let MyGrid = Outlayer.create('AnyGrid', {});

MyGrid._getItemLayoutPosition = function() {
// this does not get called

If I do
new MyGrid(element)

My extended _getItemLayoutPosition never gets called.

So then I thought maybe I need to extend the class

export class AnyGrid extends Outlayer {
_getItemLayoutPosition(item) {
return {
x: 0,
y: 0

This gives an error
Type 'typeof 'Outlayer'' is not a constructor function type.

What is the proper way to extend this class so that I can override the

Answer Source

Since Outlayer.create actually creates a function that inherits from Outlayer you have to add the method on the prototype instead of the function itself

export let MyGrid = Outlayer.create('AnyGrid', {});

MyGrid.prototype._getItemLayoutPosition = function() {
   // this does not get called

Note that the function returned when you call Outlayer.create has additional properties i.e. is not the same as creating a class that inherits from Outlayer

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