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Chrome Developer Tools - Where is the (index) stylesheet?

I was modifying a theme for a WordPress based site, Anew theme exactly. Although I changed the theme options. the style.css file and the custom.css file I couldn't change the color of the links.

Then I used Chrome Developers Tool to check where my rules were overriden. The overriding rule was on an (index) file, with parenthesis. With no relevant information on the internet, I decided to take it later.

After some hours, all my changes comitted and now it shows the new color. But I am still curious about this (index) file. Is it a script-added rule?

Thanks for your answers.

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It is probably CSS embedded in the HTML (style tags in the head), either as part of the markup or added dynamically via JS (or possibly by PHP when the page is rendered).

Need more info to give any answer more specific than that.

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