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Empty directory when generating Cloud Endpoints PHP client with Google APIs Client Generator

I'm trying to generate a PHP client for my Google Cloud Endpoints API using the Google APIs Client Generator but it just creates an empty directory instead.

The command I'm using looks like:

generate_library --language=php --language_variant=stable --output_dir=/path/php-client --input=/path/myApi-v1.json

It seems to work when I change the language to csharp and java. I turned on the verbose flag and don't see any errors, only tracing messages like:

DEBUG:codegen:Create: myMethod, parent=update
DEBUG:codegen:Schema.Create: updateRequestContent => MyMessage
DEBUG:codegen:DataTypeFromJson: add MyMessage to cache

Searching around I see someone at the AppEngine sub Reddit posted a similar issue with no response.

Answer Source

I tried again and changed the --language_variant argument from stable to 1.1.4 and it now works fine.

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