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Ruby Split string at character difference using regex

I'm current working on a problem that involves splitting a string by each group of characters.

For example,

"111223334456777" #=> ['111','22','333','44','5','6','777']

The way I am currently doing it now is using a enumerator and comparing each character with the next one, and splitting the array that way.

res = []
str = "111223334456777"
group = str[0]
(1...str.length).each do |i|
if str[i] != str[i-1]
res << group
group = str[i]
group << str[i]
res << group
res #=> ['111','22','333','44','5','6','777']

I want to see if I can use regex to do this, which will make this process a lot easier. I understand I could just put this block of code in a method, but I'm curious if regex can be used here.

So what I want to do is

str.split(/some regex/)

to produce the same result. I thought about positive lookahead, but I can't figure out how to have regex recognize that the character is different.

Does anyone have an idea if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source
str = "111333224456777"

str.scan /0+|1+|2+|3+|4+|5+|6+|7+|8+|9+/
  #=> ["111", "333", "22", "44", "5", "6", "777"]


  #=> ["111", "333", "22", "44", "5", "6", "777"] 

Readers: can the latter be simplified?

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