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C# Question

Is it possible to provide a resize indication (resizer-grip) on a form without adding a status bar?

I would like to have a resize indication on a windows forms Form (the same resize-grip as when you have a status bar).
I do not want to add a status bar to the form - that would break the design of the form.

The form can have various controls inside that are docked (Fill).
I have not found any solution to this besides drawing the resize indication in lower right corner of every control, which is not very feasible.

Is this possible without adding a picture of the resize grip to every control that can be docked in the form?

Answer Source

You don't have to have a status bar for sizing grip.

Set the SizeGripStyle property and then adjust padding of the from or the control which is located on the bottom right of your form, so that the controls are not drawn over the sizing grip.

form.SizeGripStyle = System.Windows.Forms.SizeGripStyle.Show;


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