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Can not access a new repository with svn

I have been looking for a solution to my SVN problem but have not yet found one. We have been using svn for a number of years without problems but I have been unsuccessful adding a new project as of late.

SVN is installed on a central computer we use as a server running Windows 7. We have TortoiseSVN installed on our clients and on the server. To create new projects in the past we would log onto the server and execute

svnadmin create [drive]:/archive/new project
. We would then create the trunk, tags, and branches folders using the repo-browser. Once that was done we could use TortoiseSVN to import the code on our local machines to create the archive.

Now when I create a new project archive the client computers return the error: "Could not open the requested SVN filesystem". The repo-browser says the same thing. I can perform all of the usual SVN activities from the client computers on all of the existing repositories, just not on any new ones. Also, if I use the repo-browser on the server it works.

What I have done so far is uninstall subversion and TortoiseSVN from the server and reinstalled TortoiseSVN 1.9.4 along with the command line tools and recreated the svn service. I also updated TortoiseSVN to 1.9.4 so there shouldn't be any version conflicts but it still does not work. Since everything works as long as I am on the server I suspect the problem lies in the network access configuration but I don't know what would be different from when it was working.

Also note that when I try to browse the archive with Firefox I can navigate down into the project trees of the older projects but not any new ones. Firefox displays:

<C:error/><m:human-readable errcode="160043">Could not open the requested SVN filesystem</m:human-readable>

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS: Access to the repositories on the server is through Apache 2.2

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1. Using file-type access to repository over LAN is always The Bad Idea (tm) 2. Source of your problem (except the above) is changing format of repository-storage between version and inability of old versions read directly repositories of new versions: your client's SVN is older, than server-side (and worse - use|know only old format of repo)

Check version on client's hosts (I suppose, they are pre-1.6) and

  • update to version, compatible with server's version (1.7+ for 1.9.*)


  • add any real network layer (svnserve is easy and lightweight choice) for accessing repositories (don't use file:/// anymore) - in this case old clients can communicate with fresh repositories


  • run svnadmin create with additional option --compatible-version and correct version number as ARG

This is Permissions&Ownership Problem. User, under which Apache is running, now can't read filesystem-tree, created by user, used for remote login. Ask local admin "WTF?" and fix errors

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