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Javascript Question

Google Chrome won't let me place breakpoints

I've been using Google Chrome to debug my javascript, but then all of a sudden I can no longer place breakpoints. I click on the line number, where I previously clicked to add a breakpoint, but no breakpoint will be added. Sometimes if I click very fast, like a madman, I can see it trying to add breakpoints, but it won't stick.

The only thing I changed was adding JSONView. I uninstalled that, but still can't add breakpoints.

Does anyone have any idea?

An edit:
I can place breakpoints on other pages, like StackOverflow, just not the one I'm developing running on localhost.

Answer Source

This bug was fixed yesterday (February 3) with the introduction of a new api for managing JavaScript breakpoints:

I downloaded the most recent Chromium nightly from and was able to successfully set breakpoints in JavaScript, which I had been unable to do using the current stable/beta/dev builds of Chrome.

Hopefully this fix will be incorporated into the next releases of Chrome. Until then, adding debugger; statements to your code is a decent workaround for setting breakpoints.

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