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Skip SemaphoreSlim instead of wait

I have a part of code in an Async/Await function that I only want one thread to execute at a time.

This is relatively simple by creating a new SemaphoreSlim(1) and using WaitAsync/Release. The effect is that the first thread executes while the others wait and then execute one by one.

What I am trying to achieve is actually slightly different. I would like the other threads not to wait, but to return out of the function (i.e. I don't want to block the other threads). So if there was a property "NumberOfThreadsCurrentlyExecuting" I would effectively have an If Semaphore.NumberOfThreadsCurrentlyExecuting > 0 Then Return.

But such a property doesn't exist. Does anyone have any idea for a way around this problem?


Answer Source

Instead of a Semaphore, you could just use a Monitor.

If you call TryEnter and it fails, another thread is in the "lock".

This is thread safe (unlike checking semaphore counts), and fairly simple:

// using somethign like: object sync = new object();

bool lockTaken = Monitor.TryEnter(sync);
  if (lockTaken) 
      // You're here - do your work
      // Something else was in the thread - exit?
   if (lockTaken) Monitor.Exit(sync);
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