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JPA how to find top 500 in a answer table where the user table is a join and we are looking for answers where userid equals something

The question regards the JPA syntax as in findTop500... the rest I cant figure out. I have tried following with errors and looked through stack with no specific answers regarding autogenerated JPQL. A custom query is not sufficient for this task:

List<Answer> findTop500ByOrderByIdanswerDescWhereUserIduser(@Param("iduser") long iduser);


List<Answer> findTop500ByIdanswerWhereUserIduserOrderByIdanswerDesc(@Param("iduser") long iduser);

Answer table:

public class Answer {

@GeneratedValue(strategy= GenerationType.AUTO)
private long idanswer;

@JoinColumn(name = "Useriduser", referencedColumnName = "Iduser")
private User user;

User table:

@Table(name = "user")
public class User {

private long iduser;


Answer Source

You have to create it like that:

List<Answer> findTop500ByUserIduserOrderByIdanswerDesc(long iduser);

You have to base on your entity mapping so -> BY user.iduser

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