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MySQL Question

Remove duplicates of pairs from multiple columns

Part of my table looks like this:

| FN1 | LN | FN2 |
| Geraint | Davies | David T. C. |
| Philip | Davies | David T. C. |
| David T. C. | Davies | Philip |
| David T. C. | Davies | Geraint |
| Mr Nigel | Evans | Graham |
| Graham | Evans | Mr Nigel |

It is made from joint tables where the join condition is last name (different people may have the same last names but different first names).

My question is how do I get rid of duplicates so there is always only one pair (using either FN1 or FN2)?

Answer Source

Change the query that creates the table so that is uses

t1.FN < t2.FN

instead of

t1.FN != t2.FN

This will prevent it from returning the related rows twice.

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