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How to view javadoc tooltip in Eclipse, if there's a warning marker on that line?

Raw javadoc markup is hard to read, but Eclipse has a handy ability to render the javadoc you just wrote in a tooltip. However, if there's a warning, it shows the warning tooltip. How to solve this?

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I think the intended behavior is for you to solve the error before writing the javadoc any further. If you want to a quick way to get around it, you can bring up the javadoc via the shortcuts:

Mac: Fn + Shift + F2
Windows: Shift + F2

Edit: basin kindly pointed out that the javadoc needs to be attached. You should be able to see the javadoc of a class having attached source in eclipse by:

select Window -> show view -> javadoc (or alt + shift + q, j).

then in the javadoc view, right click -> open attached javadoc (or shift + F2), this will display the javadoc of the class in the internal browser of eclipse.