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fastload shows up as active but I dont see any entry in fastlog

I am on Teradata 15 where fastload 19 sessions are seen as active but
there is NO entry at all in fastlog

In fact there are far too less entries in that table for such a huge system as this ..I am probably missing something here .

Does TPT Load runnning in fastload partition do something different in terms of logging checkpoints.

My understanding was that even if the fastload took place earlier there should be these values that kind of give some 'history'


So if I don't see any entry for this Db.tb being loaded can I assume its gone zombie and needs to be dropped / dummied ( dummy start / end )

So how does this fastlog work ? Every present / past fastload attempt that has been active should be there or does it get deleted based on some condition

AFAIK there is just 1 location for logtable and that is the location of fastlog - but have things changed and there is some other definable location ?

Answer Source

Only standalone FastLoad uses the sysadmin.fastlog table, when a job finishes it deletes the row. If there are rows and no job is currently running some previous (might be years ago) FastLoads did not finish correctly. Usually you can delete them manually, the target table of such a job might not even exist anymore.

TPT LOAD uses the FastLod protocol, but each TPT job has its own logtable. If the LogTable attribute is not specified in the TPT script it defaults to target_table_RL, you might check dbc.TablesV where TableName like '%\_RL' escape '\'.

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