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JSON Question

Soundcloud API doesn't explicitly support pagination with json

Specific example I was working with:


You'll get their first 50 tracks, but there is not next-href object like what you see in the xml version.

However, you can use offset and limit and it works as expected- but then I would need to "blindly" crawl through tracks until there are no more tracks, unlike with the XML version which gives you the "next page" of results. I wouldn't have even noticed it was paginated except by chance when I was searching the json object and noticed there was exactly 50 tracks (which is suspiciously even).

Is there a plan to support the next-href tag in json? Am I missing something? is it a bug that it's missing?

Answer Source

There is an undocumented parameter you can use linked_partitioning=1, that will add next_href to the response.


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