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BroadcastReceiver has no default constructor in android manifest

I am trying to register a class that extends BroadcastReceiver as a receiver in Android manifest. I have no trouble registering them but the problem occurs because of the class does not have an empty constructor.

  1. I don't understand why BroadcastReceiver requires an empty constructor, is there a way around this?

  2. I could make a public empty constructor in my class but the problem is, this class is also a singleton class. Which means I do not want this class to use the empty constructor! There is an obvious conflict here, I could just write an empty constructor and trust users do not ever use it by writing documentation but there has to be a simpler method right?

TLDR; How to implement a class that is a broadcast receiver (requires empty constructor to register it in android manifest) but at the same time, be a singleton class or a class that denies users access to the default constructor. (I've tried making the default constructor protected but that does not solve the problem as the manifest cannot register the receiver)

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is there a way around this?

No. Android has no idea how to invoke any other constructor, or what values to pass to that constructor.

this class is also a singleton class

That is not possible. Android will create a new instance of your manifest-registered BroadcastReceiver for every broadcast that it receives.

but there has to be a simpler method right?

Yes: do not make the BroadcastReceiver a singleton. Make some other class be the singleton, that the BroadcastReceiver uses.

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