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PHP Question

what is the difference between these two lines

getting 2 different outputs while using the same currency 'egp'

$currency = ($q->currency == 'egp')? '£' : (($q->currency == 'usd') ? '$' : '€');

this line outputs

$currency = ($q->currency == 'egp')? '£' : ($q->currency == 'usd') ? '$' : '€';

this one outputs

and I can't find why?

note: the only difference is the
around the second ternary operator statement

Answer Source

Consider this code:

echo (true?"Left is first":(true?"Right is first":""));

Left is first


echo (true?"Left is first":true?"Right is first":"");

Right is first

The exaplanation can be found at

In short, in the second case PHP will evaluate true?"Left is first":true as the condition for the ternary expression. This will evaluate to Left is first which evaluates to true and therefore Right is first will be echoed

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