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Oracle Triggers, reliant on a key generated by a second trigger

I have question about triggers. For my database assignment, I have to create a trigger that automatically generates an ID number, which I have done.
The problem is a second trigger needs to be made that also acts on the same data. Both are inserts. Since they have to be separate, I am not sure how to make this work.
From what I have been taught the way to make a trigger act on the most recent addition is to use:


where ID is the primary key, but this does not work for me when the ID is being generated by a trigger. Is there a method of creating a trigger that acts on the most recent row added to the table that does not reference the primary key?

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It is not clear why you need two triggers but let's assume it really makes sense (which I doubt).

Does the first trigger generates the ID from a sequence? In this case you can use value CURRVAL of the sequence. This pseudocolumn returns the current value of a sequence without increasing the value, see Sequence Pseudocolumns

If this does not fit your needs you can write a procedure which is then called be the trigger.

Would be like this:

create procedure PROC(aRow in ROWID) as

create first_trigger ....
   ... whatever is needed at first trigger.

create second_trigger ....
   ... whatever is needed at second trigger.

Both triggers would operate on the same row. You can also write current row values into a PL/SQL variable and process them by a Statement-Trigger (i.e. no row-level-trigger)

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