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Goga Goga - 6 months ago 28
Python Question

How to read files from directory by name?

I need to read files in directory by name using interval

It means that programm reads files with names from 0 to 400.

Now I have this code:

with open(file) as xml:
doc = xmltodict.parse(

So, I tried:

for num in range(0,400)
filename = num".vtb"
doc = xmltodict.parse(

Problem is that I use:

if __name__ == '__main__':
files = glob.glob("data*")
pool = Pool(), files)

I pass array
function. How can I pass
array files instead that?


Not sure of what you're asking. But the code you tried to write does not work, and I presume you want to know how to make it work. So, you wrote:

for num in range(0,400)
  filename = num".vtb"
  doc = xmltodict.parse(

Instead, try:

for num in range(0,400)
  filename = str(num) + ".vtb"
  doc = xmltodict.parse(

If this does not do what you want, then your problem lies elsewhere.


Reading your comment, what I understand is that you want to pass these 0 to 400 files to map. Then you just need to build a list containing all the paths to use:

filenames = []
for num in range(0,400)
    filenames.append(str(num) + ".vtb")

Then:, filenames)