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Java Question

Maven Jar dependency is not coming automatically

I am quite new to Maven.
I have a Maven Project.
When I create execute using mvn clean -e install it creates executable jar (commounutil.jar) for my project in target folder.
Not I have another project (project2) in Eclipse which is not a Maven based project.
Project2 uses features and classes from commounutil.jar.
If I manually add my executable jar commounutil.jar in eclipse using Java build path/add external jar.
But even after adding this jar there are some errors in my project which are related to log4j.
Now when I build commounutil the dependency for log4j was already added.
Still it is giving compile time error.
Could you please tell me where I am going wrong?

Answer Source

Add log4j in your Eclipse classpath. Commonutils.jar,if it follows modularity promoted by maven,provides only common utils class and do not provide class related to its dependencies.

Maybe you should consider to update your second project to a maven project.

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