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Python Pandas Dataframe Append Rows

I'm trying to append the data frame values as rows but its appending them as columns. I have 32 files that i would like to take the second column from (called dataset_code) and append it. But its creating 32 rows and 101 columns. I would like 1 column and 3232 rows.

import pandas as pd
import os

source_directory = r'file_path'

df_combined = pd.DataFrame(columns=["dataset_code"])

for file in os.listdir(source_directory):
if file.endswith(".csv"):
#Read the new CSV to a dataframe.
df = pd.read_csv(source_directory + '\\' + file)
df = df["dataset_code"]


Answer Source

df["dataset_code"] is a Series, not a DataFrame. Since you want to append one DataFrame to another, you need to change the Series object to a DataFrame object.

>>> type(df)
<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>
>>> type(df['dataset_code'])
<class 'pandas.core.series.Series'>

To make the conversion, do this:

df = df["dataset_code"].to_frame()
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