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How to change the format of all dates in xml?

I have an xml in a cell in SQL, like:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<Document xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<Page W="2480" H="3516">
<Word L="1871" R="2031" T="221" B="252" Text="INVOICE" Id="25509747671106" />
<Word L="1988" R="2046" T="2232" B="2279" Text="tf.'l" Id="25886807122412" />
<Word L="1872" R="1990" T="324" B="351" Text="26603333345"Id="24493329746300" />
<Word L="1871" R="2015" T="373" B="401" Text="08-02-17" Id="25109308586898" />
<Word L="1873" R="2007" T="422" B="448" Text="S-44404" Id="24914704754685" />
<Word L="1874" R="1887" T="468" B="496" Text="1" Id="22024234663427" />
<Word L="1068" R="1148" T="1278" B="1309" Text="DHL" Id="8152496756181" />
<Word L="1692" R="1848" T="1279" B="1310" Text="08-02-17" Id="21119731019927" />
<Word L="2096" R="2251" T="1278" B="1310" Text="10-01-17" Id="31333127836454" />
<Word L="112" R="243" T="1352" B="1358" Text="_" Id="365589546232" />
<Word L="252" R="411" T="1322" B="1350" Text="QUANTITY" Id="1050334834310" />
<Word L="1415" R="1913" T="745" B="787" Text="______ShlpTo" Id="22635743273663" />

I need to update [FRData] and change the date from format mm-dd-yy to format yyyy-mm-dd in all xml.

I wrote a regular expression that validates the date format sought:


I know how to change the date format mm-dd-yy to yyyy-mm-dd:

select left(convert(varchar, cast('08-02-17' as datetime), 120),10)

But I do not know how to change dates in the entire xml

Answer Source

Try this please.

declare @I int
declare @X nvarchar(100)
declare @D date

select @I = max(FRData.value('count(/Document/Page//Word)', 'int'))
from #t

while @I > 0

    set @X = (select top 1 FRData.value('(/Document/Page//Word/@Text)[sql:variable("@I")][1]', 'nvarchar(100)')
              from #t)

    if isdate(@X) = 1
        set @D = convert(date, @X)

        update #t
        set FRData.modify('replace value of ((/Document/Page//Word/@Text)[sql:variable("@I")])[1]
                           with sql:variable("@D")')

    set @I = @I - 1
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