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Can't change CSS style in AngularJS

For some reasons, I can't change the style of an element using the following :

angular.element("#element").style.height = 100px;

I'm sure that
works, as it returns a DOM element. Plus, this works :


(Everything I've found is about ngStyle but I don't think it is what I'm looking for ?)

Should I use something else ?

If so :
What ?
doesn't work ?

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According to the docs:

Note: all element references in Angular are always wrapped with jQuery or jqLite; they are never raw DOM references.

So the .style property is not available directly, since it is a property of the wrapped HTMLElement.

You can either use ivarni's approach to get hold of the HTMLElement (angular.element(...)[0].style...) or use jQuery's/jqLite's .css() method:

angular.element('#element').css('height', '100px');