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How to use .create() function in sails.js?

I've read the documentation of sails.js but still I have no idea where should I use and write

etc methods. I know how to define routes in routes.js and how to define controllers. I have created the database connection either.

I know how to use restful and shortcut routes to insert/fetch data from database. But I didn't find anything related to using
like methods. I found some but they were using Angular.js and Ajax. I didn't understand a thing at all.

Is there any good tutorial where I can learn using models and their methods(how, why and where to write them) without using Angular.js?

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In Sails.js,

Firstly we have to create api, So for example if we need method create for a user. Then we generate api user by typing this command in command prompt

sails generate api user

Then User.js file is generated in api/models folder and UserController.js is generated in api/controllers folder.

Then we have add schema to User.js file

In User.js

module.exports = {
        attributes : {
                lastname : {
                        type : 'string'
                firstname : {
                        type : 'string'

We have to write create, find, update and delete methods in UserController.js file. For now will add only create method.

In UserController.js

module.exports = {

      create: function(req, res, next, callback) {
        var params = req.body;

          //create a user
          User.create(params, function(err, createdData) {
                return res.badRequest({
                              error: err
               } else {
                 return res.json({
                            data : createdData

Hope this helps.

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