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How to delete empty subfolders with PowerShell?

I have a share that is a "junk drawer" for end-users. They are able to create folders and subfolders as they see fit. I need to implement a script to delete files created more than 31 days old.

I have that started with Powershell. I need to follow up the file deletion script by deleting subfolders that are now empty. Because of the nesting of subfolders, I need to avoid deleting a subfolder that is empty of files, but has a subfolder below it that contains a file.

For example:

  • FILE3a
    is 10 days old.
    is 45 days old.

  • I want to clean up the structure removing files older than 30 days, and delete empty subfolders.




Desired result:

  • Delete:

  • Leave:
    , and

I can recursively clean up the files. How do I clean up the subfolders without deleting
? (The "Junk" folder will always remain.)

Answer Source

I would do this in two passes - deleting the old files first and then the empty dirs:

Get-ChildItem -recurse | Where {!$_.PSIsContainer -and `
$_.LastWriteTime -lt (get-date).AddDays(-31)} | Remove-Item -whatif

Get-ChildItem -recurse | Where {$_.PSIsContainer -and `
@(Get-ChildItem -Lit $_.Fullname -r | Where {!$_.PSIsContainer}).Length -eq 0} |
Remove-Item -recurse -whatif

This type of operation demos the power of nested pipelines in PowerShell which the second set of commands demonstrates. It uses a nested pipeline to recursively determine if any directory has zero files under it.

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