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Linux and Mac has different C++ malloc() free()

Linux and Mac OS X has different C++ malloc() and free() implementation.
I have a source code compiled in MAC os X using GCC compilers.
It works fine, except it gives an error of

malloc: *** error for object 0x7fff77549d70: pointer being freed was not allocated*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug`

When the same version of compiler is used to compile in linux (red hat) system, it compiles fine and runs fine.

So I suspect that there is something wrong with malloc() and free(). Is there any way to over write malloc and calloc on Mac OS X to that of Linux's so that I won't get this error?

I did not write the source code, so it is impossible for me to locate bugs and fix them.

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To expand on my comment, free is defined to deallocate memory or to act as a no-op if the argument passed is NULL.

From my crystal ball, I therefore guess that you have code like:

Type *my_pointer;

// free anything I already have

// create something new
my_pointer = (Type *)malloc(sizeof(Type));

One compiler is happening to leave my_pointer initialised to NULL and the other isn't. The mistake, however, is yours, as the language states that my_pointer will have an undefined value. Just declare your expected initial value explicitly as Type *my_pointer = NULL;.

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