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CSS Question

I can't set the navbar of a template with bootstrap

I'm changing a website. I'm a graphic designer and I'm a little bit noobish at coding.

This is the website I'm talking about. I need to fix the navbar and make it higher (I need logo to fit it in completely).

I googled, trying to find a solution, I read a lot of things, I already tried to change something in Bootstrap or CSS files but nothing happened.


<header id="topNav" style="height: 81px;"><!-- remove class="topHead" if no topHead used! -->
<div class="container">

Answer Source

change logo image style to and test

style="max-height:100%; width:auto; "

In the following line of the file catalog/view/assets/js/scripts.js change line-height: value;

jQuery('header#topNav a.logo').stop().animate({ 'line-height':'50px', 'margin-top':'0'},400);
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