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Javascript Question

google autocomplete not working in framework7

i am trying to add google autocomplete for location suggesion in my framework7 based mobile application.I gave search text box within
google location suggestion is not working.After removing the class="page cached" it was working.i got location suggesion by using google autocomplete.why this happen?How to give google location suggesion in framework7?

Answer Source

I found solution. This is becuase of conflict with fast click. The solution is to remove fast click

way 1:Remove entire fastclick from app var myApp = new Framework7({ material: true, materialPageLoadDelay: 250, materialRipple: true, fastclick:false, }); way 2:remove fastclick only for goole suggestion area$(document).on({ 'DOMNodeInserted': function() { $('.pac-item, .pac-item span', this).addClass('no-fastclick'); } }, '.pac-container'); I prefer the second one sice fastclick is removed from only suggestion area.

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