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PHP Question

How to personalize info on a page?

Using PHP.

So I have a login system in place and a database set up with information about the users. Now let's say I want to link the user to a page after login and that page will contain his info. What is the most common way of doing this? Do I echo the whole HTML from a PHP file, or should I make an HTML page and alter it with AJAX somehow? Thanks in advance.

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PHP is used within html. You can create the .php file and have raw html in there. Ex:

      session_start(); //Start user session to access $_SESSION variable
      echo 'Hello '.$_SESSION['username'].'.'; //If you had a username variable
  <div class="html-class">
     This is raw html.
   <?php echo 'This is content rendered by PHP'; ?>

As far as personalizing pages for users, look into sessions.

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