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JSON Question

How to convert from Newton.Json.Linq.JToken to byte[]?

I am attempting to retrieve a byte array from a Jtoken:

byte[] PDF;
var results = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<dynamic>(jsonData);
if (results != null)
JArray docList = (JArray)results.SelectToken("");
foreach (JToken doc in docList)
PDF = string.IsNullOrEmpty(doc["PDF"].ToString()) ? null : doc["PDF"];

But I am receiving this error: "cannot implicitly convert type 'newtonsoft.json.linq.Jtoken to byte[]. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)"

How can I convert Newton.Json.Linq.JToken to byte[]?

Thank you.

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Answer Source

Use the explicit conversion operator provided for JToken:

PDF = (byte [])(string.IsNullOrEmpty(doc["PDF"].ToString()) ? null : doc["PDF"]);

Or, use ToObject<T>():

PDF = (doc["PDF"] == null ? null : doc["PDF"].ToObject<byte []>());
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