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AngularJS Question

ion-content and android 4.3 scroll on loadmore

I have a serious problem with ionic and android 4.3.

I have a list of elements dinamically loaded from a rest service.
When I execute the loadMore function (with the ion-infinite-scroll directive) the view doesn't resize on devices with android 4.3 version (tested on emulator and samsung gt-i9300), making it impossible to scroll over new elements.

I have tried to call the



  • success function of $http.get

  • ng-repeat finish custom directive (even with a timeout of 10 seconds)

with no results.

This is my html code:

<ion-content lazy-scroll >

on-refresh="refresh()" >

<div class="list card" ng-repeat="newsItem in newsList" ng-click="goToDetail(newsItem)">

<div class="item item-image myImage">
<img image-lazy-src="{{newsItem.image}}" fallback-src="./img/binewsplaceholder.png">

<div class="item">
<h2 ng-bind="newsItem.title"></h2>

<categories-in-list categories="newsItem.categories" ></categories-in-list>

<p><i class="ion-calendar myLabel"></i> {{newsItem.date | date: 'dd MMMM yyyy'}}</p>
<p class="text-right" ng-show="newsItem.distance && newsItem.distance != 'NaN' ">
<i class="ion-android-pin myLabel"></i> <span>{{newsItem.distance | number:0}} km</span>


Plus, I have the same issue on a "read more" function, that show/hide a div with long text. In that case I found the solution (than removed because of a weak ux) of:

  • Loading the view with the long text displayed

  • wait 5-6 second, then hide it

Is this an issue with android 4.3?

I'm not sure, because in another app everything works fine, with the (more or less) same behavior.

Any suggestion?



I have the same issue on my same smartphone. I don't have an idea if this error coming from the Ionic or is a trouble with the device. I found this solution and work fine for me:

Setting overflow-scroll="false" in the ion-content HTML element:

<ion-content overflow-scroll="false">

I hope that has been of helpful.