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Javascript Question

How to rewrite part of a URL?

I'm using lightbox2 on my site and I want my viewers to download the image. The button works, it links to /view/directory/image.jpg and the download button shows just the image. In PHP I made a scripts that downloads the image and sets download+1 in mysql, the only thing i'm not so good at is JS.

Current JS code in lightbox2 is :

this.$lightbox.find('.lb-download').on('click', function (e) {

Which links to /view/directory/image.jpg because of the href whitch shows the image.
I want the lb-download button to go to /download/directory/image.jpg, I already got the download working, just not the and preg_replace part in JS.

** Maybe its just easier if I give you the site which its on, its

Both options didn't work so far

Answer Source

You can replace the part in the url with word view to download like this:

this.$lightbox.find(".lb-download").on("click", function (e) {"/view/", "/download/"))
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