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php array to csv conversion with column headers

I want to convert array to csv ,im able to convert the associative array to csv.

But not able to get the headers.

I want the NUMBER TYPE DATE as headers dynamically

Below is the array i converrted .

[0] => Array
[NUMBER] => 67
[TYPE] => Other
[DATE] => 3/31/2011
[1] => Array
[NUMBER] => 87
[TYPE] => something
[DATE] => 3/28/2011

[2] => Array
[NUMBER] => 67
[TYPE] => Other
[DATE] => 3/2/2011



The code is given below .But not able to get the headers but its values are coming.

$fp1 = fopen('file.csv', 'w');

foreach ($arr2 as $fields)
fputcsv($fp1, $fields);


Answer Source

Just use array_keys to get the keys and write them to the file first.

fputcsv($han, array_keys($arr[0]));
foreach ($arr as $a) { ... }

This assumes that you have a numeric array though (and it assumes that it's not empty). If arr[0] is not guaranteed to be set, you can use array_shift or array_slice to extract the first element. (Or you could just have a flag in your loop of whether or not the header is already written -- just have it default to false. If it's not true, set it to true and print the header.)

While I'm at it, you can use array_combine to go the opposite direction (CSV to array of associative arrays).

$data = array();
$header = fgetcsv($han);
while (($row = fgetcsv($han)) !== false) {
    $data[] = array_combine($header, $row);

(Note that this assumes you have no blank rows -- a blank row would return array() which will issue a warning with the combine and put non-sense into data.)

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