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ASP.NET (C#) Question

"operator '+=' cannot be applied to operands of type 'decimal' and 'double' "

so i'm trying to write a method that looks at the selected items on a form and calculates the cost of a pizza. the variable is declare as type decimal but it is telling me i cannot use the += operator to add too the variable. however if i leave it as a decimal and just add whole numbers it allows it.

private decimal findTotal( )
decimal TotalDec = 0;

//add size cost to total
if (sizeDDB .SelectedIndex == 0)
TotalDec += 12;
if (sizeDDB.SelectedIndex==1)
TotalDec += 14;
if (sizeDDB.SelectedIndex == 2)
TotalDec += 16;

//add chrust cost
if (crustDDB.SelectedIndex == 2)
TotalDec += 2;

// add topping cost
if (sausageCB.Checked)
TotalDec += 2;
if (pepperoniCB.Checked)
TotalDec += 1.5; //This is the line it doesn't like

return TotalDec;

Answer Source

This should work

TotalDec += 1.5m;
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