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CocoaPod : Unable to remove the Pod from project

I have a xcode (iOS) project in which i am cocoapods.
I have couple of pods installed:
SwiftHTTP & SwiftyJSON.

Now for some reason I decided to try another pod namely EZAlertController. Nothing wrong with the pod. But i decided not to use it. So I need to uninstall this pod from my project.
So far whatI have done:

  1. remove pod 'EZAlertController', '0.3'from the podfile

  2. run pod install which gave me the message of

Removing EZAlertController

  1. No EZAlertController folder in the Pods folder either. So far so good.

  2. Now i closed the xcode and reran the .xcworkspace file.

  3. clean & build routine - all good - Again

P.S.(also tried pod update)

The Problem:
I am still able to import EZAlertController into the project and run. What is really annoying is that I forgot to take a git snapshot. So can't just revert back without loosing considerable amount of code.

Any idea on how to completely get rid of EZAlertController even after removing as there is still some linking with xcode :(

Answer Source

Try to clean the project: Product -> Clean and also Product -> (hold option key) Clean Build Folder

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