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Python count multiple values in dictionary of list

I have been trying to count the values in a dictionary with respect to the key. However, I could not achieved desired result. I will demonstrate with more details below:

from collections import Counter
d = {'a': ['Adam','Adam','John'], 'b': ['John','John','Joel'], 'c': ['Adam','Adam','John}
# create a list of only the values you want to count,
# and pass to Counter()
c = Counter([values[1] for values in d.itervalues()])
print c

My output:

Counter({'Adam': 2, 'John': 1})

I want it to count everything in the list, not just first value of the list. Also, I want my result to be with respect to the key. I will show you my desired output below:

{'a': [{'Adam': 1, 'John': 2}, 'b':{'John': 2, 'Joel': 1}, 'c':{'Adam': 2, 'John': 1 }]}

Is it possible to get this desired output? Or anything close to it? I would like to welcome any suggestions or ideas that you have. Thank you.

Answer Source

Try this using dict comprehension

from collections import Counter
d = {'a': ['Adam','Adam','John'], 'b': ['John','John','Joel'], 'c': ['Adam','Adam','John'}
c = {i:Counter(j) for i,j in d.items()}
print c
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