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Javascript Question

Insert D3 Graph into a div in CMS

I'm using Bludit CMS to build a simple website. The only task I could handle is to add a D3 Graph into the site. My Graph and the code looks pretty like this:

The graph is displayed at the position, where I insert the script tag of the graph. The problem is, that I'm not able to add a script tag in Bludit CMS, only HTML.
Now, I thought about adding an empty div tag with an id to my CMS editor like

<div id="myGraph">

and add the graph programmatically to this div. How can I do that?
One further note: I want to try to do it only with Javascript without using jQuery. I don't want to include jQuery to my page only to add a graph to my website.

Answer Source

If you can't add JavaScript to a page you won't be able to use D3.

If you can load in code from an external file then use:

<script src="myfile.js"></script>

If you can only add it to every page rather than just one then check for your id and then execute the code.

if("#myGraph") ) {
   var svg ="#myGraph")
         .append( "svg")
         .attr("width", 1000)
         .attr("height", 1000);

   // Do stuff with SVG.
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