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Generic Ionic app doesn't load in AVD

My android virtual device starts up fine. But when it goes to load my ionic app it says: "app-name has stopped", "Open app again" after opening the app several times it says: "app-name keeps stopping close app". My app is the base tabs ionic app.

Ionic even says launch success...

I've tried different AVDs but none have worked. Here are the stats on my current one.

avd stats

I've tried running it in with

ionic run android -c -1
but all it says is

emulator: Requested console port 5584: Inferring adb port 5585.
emulator: Listening for console connections on port: 5584
emulator: Serial number of this emulator (for ADB): emulator-5584

EDIT: it works on Ionic serve just doesn't load on the android virtual device.

Answer Source

Checking use host GPU in the android SDK manager solved the problem for me.

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