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VoiceOver pronunciation issue: "Live" "ADD"

I'm trying to implement accessibility for an iOS App and have been bumping into some of the nuances and quirks involved.

For example:
I have a label in my app that reads: "This is a live event."
The definition of live in this context is "something that is currently happening" and when pronounced it should rhyme with "Five".

However, voiceover understands and reads the word "live" as in: "live and let die", and is mispronounced rhyming the word with "Give".

Similarly, another issue I am bumping into is with the word "ADD" in the context of "ADD A SELECTION". The meaning of the word in its context is "to add something to a basket", but is being pronounced as "A.D.D. (Attention deficit disorder)"

Is there a programatic way to give context to words when enabling your app for accessibility?

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They are two ways of bypassing a bug in a screenreader:

  • ignoring it : it's a bug in the screenreader, not in your code

  • using a different sentence.

For instance, you could say "this event is live" (if it works better, which i doubt), or "this event is on the air" (depending on the context of course, but you could fine a better alternative).

You might think about using aria-label to provide an audio alternative like "this is alive event" (because alive rhymes with five) for screenreaders but aria-label is also used by braille display, and then this would be a quite bad idea.

As someone said in the comments above, screenreaders users know perfectly well how their screenreader would badly pronounce some words.

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