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SQL Question

Mysql query showing extra fields

I am trying this query:

SELECT * FROM heath_check where cid = '1' and eid in('3','5','7','1','6')

My table structure:

enter image description here

I want distinct
but all other data as it is. For example I have two entries with an
my query fetched both, but I want one which is in the second column.

enter image description here

Answer Source
FROM heath_check AS hc
   SELECT MAX(id) AS lastId 
   FROM heath_check 
   WHERE cid = '1' and eid in('3','5','7','1','6')
   GROUP BY eid) AS lastIDs
ON = lastIDs.lastId

You need a subquery, like the above, to find the records you want for each value. If you had wanted the first ones, you could use MIN(id) instead; if you cannot count on sequential ids, it becomes much more complex with use of potentially non-unique timestamps (if they are even available).

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