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Javascript Question

Cloning closest table row

I recently asked this question

Since then I have discovered that what I wanted to do wont work. This is because the table is generated by a for loop, with their id incrementing each time. As such, I needed to amend things so that it would add rows for the table it is supposed too. I have updated my fiddle to show an example with two table JSFiddle

Essentially, I now do this

$(function() {
var clone = $(this).closest('tr').clone(true).insertAfter($(this).closest('tr'));

I can get the name and label of the cloned rows done myself using the previous examples. My main problem is that I do not want to clone the whole row. At the moment, it is cloning this

<td><label class="subjectline" for="User1">User NOC M1</label></td>
<td id="slLabel">SL_A</td>
<td id="slInput"><input type="text" name="slOptions[User][NOC M1]" class="form-control" id="User1"></td>
<td><a class="addCF" href="javascript:void(0);">+ additional user</a></td>

I need it to clone this but make the first td empty. Additionally, like the initial question, the last td should be a close button

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="remCF">Remove</a>

Is it possible to do this?


Answer Source

From the cloned tr,

  1. empty its first-child(td) 's content.
  2. Set its last-child(td) 's html as the close element's html,

$(function() {
       var clone = $(this).closest('tr').clone(true);
       $("td:first-child", clone).empty();
       $("td:last-child", clone).html('<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="remCF">Remove</a>');
       clone.insertAfter( $(this).closest('tr'));


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