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Node.js Question

What ES6 can Node js 6 use now?

I see that, according to the Node js website,

Node.js now supports 93% of ES6 language features

I couldnt find a link to this list and wondered if one exists?

If there is no definative supported ES6 list then I would also like to know if Node 6 Can use
statements without a transpiler?

Answer Source

No you can't use import at the moment and don't expect it any time soon.

ES6 modules fall into the missing 7%. It's still not clear how or even if Node will support these yet.

The V8 feature/bug for modules is also open. The module syntax/parser is defined in ECMAScript 2015. The loader isn't, which Google is using for it's implementation. has detailed Node.js support for ES6 features both protected and unprotected by --harmony. Modules aren't in the table yet.

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