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Scala Question

In scala How do we find the latest record for each Customer?

My input file is below . It contains some purchase details for each Customer.



My requirement is I would like to find out the latest Purchase details for each Customer .

So the expected output is

Expected OutPut:


I tried the below code and it is giving me the expected output..

But this below logic is somewhat similar to java .

My Scala code :

package pack1
import scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer
object LatestObj {

def main(args:Array[String])=
var maxDate ="0001-01-01"
var actualData:List[String] =List()
var resultData:ListBuffer[String] = ListBuffer()

val myList=Source.fromFile("D:\\Scala_inputfiles\\records.txt").getLines().toList;
val myGrped = myList.groupBy { x => x.substring(0,3) }
for(mappedIterator <- myGrped)
// println(mappedIterator._2)
actualData =mappedIterator._2
println( actualData.filter { x => x.contains(maxDate) })


def findMaxDate( mytempList:List[String]):String =
var maxDate ="0001-01-01"
for(m <- mytempList)
var transDate= m.split(",")(2)
if(transDate > maxDate)
maxDate =transDate

return maxDate


Could some one help me on trying the same approach in a simpler way using scala?

Or The above code is the only way to achieve that logic?

Answer Source

Even simpler version, also using a case class with coincidentally the same name. Doesn't remove bad records like Tzach's, though, and I leave everything as String.

case class Record(id: String, name: String, dateString: String, item: String, count: String) { line =>
    val Array(id, name, dateString, item, count) = line.split(",")
    Record(id, name, dateString, item, count)