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How do I get openfl running in the ios simulator

I have the latest version of Haxe 3 installed along with the latest version of Xcode and openFL.

I'm inside my openFl project in the terminal and I run the following command

openfl test ios -simulator

I get the following error.

Haxe device build: Release-iphoneos-v7
haxe Build.hxml -D HXCPP_ARMV7 -cpp build/Release-iphoneos-v7
cd build/Release-iphoneos-v7; export HXCPP_NO_COLOR=1; haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Dios -Diphone -DHXCPP_ARMV7 -DHXCPP_CPP11 -DHXCPP_CLANG -DOBJC_ARC `cat Options.txt | while read LINE; do printf " -D$LINE"; done`
Error: Could not find build target "by"
make: *** [build-haxe-armv7] Error 1
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 2

Answer Source

It's choking on the word "by", which would be from the "Generated by Haxe" inserted at the top of generated C++ source files.

So try haxelib run openfl build ios -simulator -Dsource-header=haxe (or the hxcpp equivalent) to replace the default header with "haxe", it should work without the spaces in the header line.

Check this OpenFL issue, seems like the same problem:

Afterward you might hit this issue too:

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