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Convert number in one base to another base in Java without using libraries

This is not a homework problem, I am too old to get home works :)

So, ideally I am trying to convert a number in a given base to another given base.

Can someone please share the logic, then probably I can write the code myself. Not able to find anything online surprisingly.

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The answer depends on whether or not you can use a primitive, such as an int or long for your representation.

If you can, the algorithm is reasonably simple: convert the number in base X to a primitive representation, then convert that representation to base Y.

To convert a number to primitive, use this algorithm:

  • Make a running total res, and set it to zero
  • Go through the string representing the number number in base X left-to-right
  • Convert each "digit" (which may be represented by a letter) to its numeric value
  • Multiply running total by X, then add the numeric value of the digit to it

To convert back, use this algorithm:

  • Make a string builder
  • Remove the value of the last digit by obtaining digit = num % Y
  • Convert the digit value to digit character (it may be a letter)
  • Append the digit character to the string builder
  • Drop the last digit from representation by using num /= Y
  • Continue while num is not zero
  • Reverse the string in the string builder

If your number is too big for a primitive, such as int or long, you need to build a class for holding numbers greater than primitives. I would recommend using BigInteger initially, and then replacing it with your own implementation.

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